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8 High-Conversion Hello Bar Alternatives for WordPress Websites

You probably found this post because you love the functionality offered by Hello Bar. A cool notification bar plugin that you can use to push visitors towards a variety of actions? That’s a winner! But when you saw the pricing, you went running for the hills. Am I right? Or maybe you just don’t like […]

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How to Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly For Free

It’s 2017. That means you can no longer ignore this little thing called mobile-friendly design when it comes to WordPress. But not all of us are huge enterprises with millions in the bank, right? So if you’re just a regular old WordPress user, how can you make your WordPress website mobile-friendly for free? Therein lies […]

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7 Proven Tips to Speed Up Image Loading For a Faster WordPress Site

Did you know that images make up 63% of the size of an average web page? That means if you want to make your website faster, one of the best things you can do is speed up image loading. Faster websites have: Happier visitors because slow load times frustrate users. Better search engine rankings because […]

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