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👌 The best way to reach us

  • On Twitter
  • On Slack (Making WordPress & Post Status are ideal)
  • If you’d like to chat via email, the best way is to have somebody else in the WordPress community who we already know connect you with us.

✉️ Mailing address

You can send us snail mail at:

WP Buffs

1321 Upland Dr. PMB 15581

Houston, TX 77043

United States

👀 Before you reach out, read this

Please do not email us to:

  • ask for backlinks
  • offer a guest post
  • pitch us SEO services
  • sell us something
  • ask for free WordPress help (go here)

We delete all those emails without reading them.

To reach out to our team, please chat with us using the icon in the bottom corner of this page. Please leave your name and email address so we can get back in touch if we’re not available at this exact moment.


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