We are the Buffs, at your service.

A diverse team to solve your diverse WordPress challenges.

Who we are

WP Buffs is a diverse team solving a diverse set of WordPress challenges. We work 100% remotely from every time zone.

Our mission

To create unforgettable experiences that positively impact every community we connect with.

What we do

We allow you to make bold decisions when it comes to your website without hesitating due to technical restraints.


Our North Star, practiced and pursued daily.

Our promise to our customers, partners and ourselves.

Practice radical transparency

You’re unapologetically yourself and honest, maybe to a fault. You give honest and sincere feedback and love when people are honest with you, whether it’s an easy or difficult conversation.

Make decisions and own them

When decisions are made, you are all in. Nothing will keep you from accomplishing your individual and team goals. Furthermore, you make them your personal mission because it’s the right thing to do.

Take customer-focused action

Every decision or action we take as a team has our customers and partners in mind. Our goal is to help them accomplish theirs, so living and dying by our customers’ success is a requirement.

Exceptional results, on-time

We take everything to the next level. Average and late work won’t be tolerated here. If doing big things and racing to the finish line gets you pumped up, you’re in the right place.

Lead by example

Nobody at WP Buffs sits on their high horse and expects others to do the work. We all get our hands dirty and no matter your position, you’ll be instrumental in the work we do.

Always have each others' backs

We’re a family here at WP Buffs and that means creating an environment of trust. Have the backs of your fellow Buffs and they’ll have yours. Together, we’ll win the day. It’s just that easy.

Your friendly, neighborhood Buffs

Arjhay Alban
Arjhay AlbanWordPress Engineer
Calauan, Philippines
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Hey there, Arjhay here! I'm passionate about new technologies, new trends, and new ideas in the world of web development. I love watching movies and am a HUGE fan of video games so if you need a gaming buddy, I'm the guy!
Austin Ginder
Austin GinderHosting Lead
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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Austin runs anchor.host and is one of the smartest people in the WordPress space. That's why we trust him to manage our hosting infrastructure.
Bianca Rodi
Bianca RodiLead Happiness Engineer
Obrenovac, Serbia
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Hey, I'm Bianca! As an advocate of information literacy, it makes me happy to help people find answers to their questions. If I'm not in front of my computer, you'd most likely find me singing to my babies or experimenting in the kitchen.
Dean Burton
Dean BurtonHead of Client Success
Sevilla, Spain
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Hey, I'm Dean. I have a passion for solving challenges & supporting people who use WordPress! If I'm not at my laptop, I'm likely out chasing the sun.
Diego del Prado
Diego del PradoWordPress Engineer
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Hey, I'm Diego! I'm excited to solve people's issues and make their sites and platforms perform better. I love brainstorming new ideas to expand WordPress features. Outside the desk, you can find me running somewhere in the world!
Elliot Pepper
Elliot PepperTax Accountant
Washington, DC, USA
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Elliot of northbrookfinancial.com manages our taxes every year. More importantly, he does all the heavy lifting and fully explains our return to make sure we understand every detail.
Ernesto Montejo
Ernesto MontejoWordPress Engineer
Dumaguete, Philippines
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I am compassionate in helping others solve their WordPress problems. So I want to connect with them, understand the issue, and responding to them with utmost support.
Helen Grace Tacang
Helen Grace TacangWordPress Engineer
Bacolod City, Philippines
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Haloha, I'm Helen! Aside from being a web developer, I'm also a gamer. I sometimes see website issues as quests that needs to be solved (or saved!). Super geeky but fun. While I work on websites, I always have my video game music playlist playing in the background (for intense immersion) and my game face on!
Honeylou De Los Reyes
Honeylou De Los ReyesLead WordPress Engineer
San Pablo City, Philippines
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Annyeonghaseyo! I'm Honey and I love solving the most difficult technical challenges for our clients. When I'm not at work, you can find me spending time with my furbabies!
Joe Howard
Joe HowardFounder, CIO
Washington, DC
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Hey, Joe here! I love contributing to the WordPress community, being a new dad and working alongside a team that’s second to none. WP Buffs wouldn't be here without the other folks on this page so please give them all virtual high fives!
JP Garcia
JP GarciaWordPress Engineer
Cartago, Costa Rica
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Hola! JP here. I'm into coding and being able to create something out of WordPress. If I'm not working, you could see me working that treadmill at top speed. I'm a Buff in WordPress and in the gym!!
Jullian Mallare
Jullian MallareHappiness Engineer
Iloilo City, Philippines
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Hello, I’m Jullian. I have been working in sales and management before joining the team. I’m excited to work with everyone here in WP Buffs. Looking forward to further enhancing my knowledge and experience of WordPress here in WP Buffs.
Laraine Yao
Laraine YaoHappiness Engineer
Bacolod City, Philippines
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Hello from your friendly and bubbly customer success team! I'm passionate about helping people. One thing I love about WordPress is that it has become a medium which connects everyone around the world so we can all share and do awesome things together!
Nick Adams
Nick AdamsCEO
Boston, Massachusetts
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Hi! I love helping people all around the globe share their stories and get their company’s products out to the world. Let’s democratize publishing together!
Rachel Stas
Rachel StasAccountant & CPA
Fort Worth, Texas
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Rachel of rachelstastax.com fully manages our books (Quickbooks) and payroll (Gusto). She does all the heavy lifting and makes paying our team and balancing the books easy.
Shienna Cordero
Shienna CorderoService Advisor
Iloilo City, Philippines
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Hello! I’m Shienna, and I have over 5 amazing years of experience in Sales. I value the importance of listening intently and advocating for clients’ best interests. I love breakfast and coffee, beach and sunset, and architecture and interior design.
Solomon Muraya
Solomon MurayaWordPress Engineer
Nairobi, Kenya
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Hi! I'm Solomon. I love building WordPress sites and finding new ways to solve complex issues.
YouYour Dream Job
Wherever you want
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If you're ready to commit to a great team for the long-term, take the next step in your WordPress career and ditch the traditional 9-5, we're looking forward to seeing what you're made of. See open positions.
WP Buff Careers

The WP Buffs' team works 100% remotely from every corner of the planet.

We prioritize a strong & confident team that's going to lead the charge and have fun doing it.

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Our Team

WP Buffs is always looking for fantastic people who we want to work with. Then we hire them and give them the start to the careers they've always dreamed of.

Current career opportunities

WordPress Engineer

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Support Desk Manager

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Content Writer

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Client Success Manager

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