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11 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Customer Service Success

When it comes to getting help with WordPress, we understand the value of getting real-time assistance. Thankfully, there are plenty of WordPress help chat options available from experts you can trust. What if your clients want their websites to be similarly viewed as a supportive and trustworthy source? Could they provide live support to customers […]

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How to Use WordPress Contextual Help to Improve UX (5 Steps)

In its most basic state, the WordPress dashboard might not seem like it would be that intimidating of a space. Menus are relegated to the sides of the page. The workspace remains ever present in the center. For many end users, however, that’s not the common perception. Even jargon as seemingly clear as “Posts” vs. […]

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Instagram Plugins for WordPress: 7 Steps for Next-Level Success

There is a lot that can be done from within WordPress to aid in your clients’ professional success. But, why stop there? Even if you aren’t a marketing expert, you have to recognize what a huge role social media plays in the scheme of things these days -- both from the consumer side as well […]

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