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Maddy Osman is a guest contributor for the WP Buffs WordPress blog and creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. Learn more about her process and experience at

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The Ultimate WordPress Google Drive Backup Tutorial (2018)

The need to regularly back up your WordPress site cannot be stressed enough. Technology can fail at any time so being prepared and having the most recent version of your website as a backup file can make all the difference in how quickly it takes to get your website live again—or not at all. When […]

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Remove WordPress Sidebars on Any Website in 2 Minutes

Sidebars play an important role in website design. While you're optimizing for speed and security, optimizing your sidebar can make it possible to get more out of every page—providing you with a designated area to push your most important goals on every page where they’re activated. Depending on your theme, you can designate a right […]

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Enabling WordPress GZIP Compression in 2 Minutes

As Google becomes increasingly concerned with website user experience, web developers are rushing to become compliant. After all, a major user experience factor, page speed (loading time), has become a search ranking factor as of July 2018. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to fix a monstrously slow website. Yes, we're implying there will […]

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