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10 Powerful WordPress & WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

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Online shoppers are always on the lookout for discounts, vouchers, or exclusive deals. Considering coupons are a driving force behind consumer loyalty, failing to include them on your e-commerce site may mean missing opportunities to reel in customers who might otherwise pass on your products.

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Using WordPress and WooCommerce* coupon plugins on your site could be a game-changer for your online business. It’s a simple yet powerful way to boost engagement, solidify loyalty among returning customers, and entice new visitors to make purchases.

In this post, we’ll explain the benefits of giving coupons away on your WordPress site and some key considerations for choosing a plugin to help with this task. Then we’ll provide you with a list of ten of the best WooCommerce coupon plugins and WordPress coupon generators to make the process as easy as possible. Let’s get started!

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Why You Should Give WooCommerce Coupons Away on Your WordPress Website 🛒

There’s a common misconception that coupons are only used by people who make bargain hunting a hobby or those on extremely tight budgets. In reality, discounts are appreciated and used by all types of consumers.

If you cannot fathom why your site visitors may be interested in using coupons, consider the following statistics:

  • 96 percent of all consumers will use a coupon if they have one
  • 49 percent of customers are looking for ways to continue buying, but at discounted rates
  • 79 percent of all Gen Zers and Millennials seek loyalty or discount programs with their favorite brands
  • 85 percent of customers look for coupons before visiting retailers
  • 52 percent of the adult population will utilize an online coupon at some point this year

Clearly, shoppers are looking to buy. However, they are also seeking ways to spend wisely. After all, who doesn’t want to save a little extra cash?

With the economy continuing to struggle in the wake of COVID-19, it’s important for you as the owner of a WooCommerce shop to consider your strategies for long-term customer acquisition, satisfaction, and loyalty. One of the best ways to improve in all of these areas is to offer customers coupons.

Plus, thanks to the plethora of WooCommerce coupon plugins available, offering discounts and deals on your services and products is quick and easy. Some reasons to consider doing so include:

  • Coupons can help boost customer loyalty
  • They drive conversions and sales
  • Discounts may increase traffic to your WordPress site
  • You can reach new audiences and markets

If you’re concerned that adding more plugins will affect your site’s speed, don’t worry. We’ve gathered a list of some of the market’s best WordPress coupon plugins that won’t hamper your WooCommerce store’s performance.

What to Look for in WordPress & WooCommerce Coupon Plugins ⚙️

There are a wide variety of WordPress and WooCommerce coupon code plugins out there. The best one for you to use depends on a handful of factors, such as your budget, the type of discounts you’re looking to provide, and whether you need WooCommerce-specific features.

As you may already know, WooCommerce comes with a built-in coupon feature. However, if you really want to cash in on the benefits of offering discounts on your site, you’ll likely need a dedicated plugin.

Perhaps you’re looking for a basic, straightforward solution for creating and displaying coupons on your WordPress site. Maybe your needs are a bit more demanding and call for a more robust set of capabilities, such as the option to apply certain cart conditions for each voucher or the ability to add coupons to popups in order to boost conversions.

Understanding the type of coupons you want to offer your customers – and how you want to deliver them – can make selecting a WordPress coupon plugin easier. However, regardless of how simple or complex a solution you’re looking for, there are a few key factors to look for, including:

  • A healthy number of positive reviews and ratings
  • Regular maintenance, updates, and support from the developer
  • Quick and simple setup, integration, and configuration
  • Options for customizing the appearance and delivery of your coupons

Of course, there may be other factors to consider, such as the specific type of website you have. Although most of the plugins we included in our list are designed to work seamlessly with WooCommerce shops, many are incredibly versatile. As such, they fit just as well with other platforms, such as affiliate marketing websites or membership sites.

10 Powerful WordPress & WooCommerce Coupon Plugins 🏆

Once you decide to start giving away coupons on your WordPress site, the next step is determining which tool to use in order to do so. Let’s take a look at ten of the most powerful WordPress and WooCommerce coupon plugins to consider:

1. WooCommerce Discount Rules by Flycart

The WooCommerce Discount Rules by Flycart plugin.

WooCommerce Discount Rules enables you to run a wide range of promotions such as bulk discounts, Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) offers, user-role based discounts, and conditional coupons based on categories, products, purchase history, and other factors.

Unlike some of the other options on our list, this plugin lets you automatically apply discounts when customers meet a set of criteria. This reduces user friction and leaves shoppers with a positive impression of your business.

For example, say you want to offer a ten percent discount for purchase quantities of five or more. With this plugin, you can set the discount to apply automatically when a customer adds five of an item to their cart without requiring them to enter a voucher code.

Another unique advantage of this plugin is that it lets you create discount rules in three simple steps using a wizard-like interface. This WooCommerce coupon plugin also enables customers to see available discounts right on your product pages as well as in their carts.

Additional features include:

  • Dependent product discounts (for example, buy product A and get a discount on product B)
  • BOGO offers with support for both Buy X Get X and also Buy X Get Y
  • Attributes-based discounts
  • Free shipping based on conditions such as subtotal, quantity, purchase history, or delivery location
  • Discounts based on cart total and line items
  • Discounts based on customers’ purchase history
  • Ability to apply multiple discount rules per a purchase
  • Option to exclude products on sale and other specific items from discount rules
  • Dynamic pricing and discounts based on quantity ranges

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, there is a free version of this plugin you can use. However, we recommend opting for WooCommerce Discount Rules premium, which costs $49 per year. In addition to extra features and advanced functionality, it also includes a 14-day money back guarantee and one year of support and updates.

2. YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

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YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards enables you to offer website visitors the chance to purchase gift cards to your WooCommerce store for later use. After paying for them, customers will receive customized gift cards via email, complete with corresponding discount codes.

Hopefully, they will send these gift cards to new potential customers who will make purchases and become loyal followers of your brand. This is a beneficial strategy for lead generation that also happens to involve making sales.

The advanced premium version of this plugin offers a plethora of helpful features. For example, you can create physical and digital gift cards, allow customers to set their own gift card amounts, directly send gift cards to recipients, and even give customers the chance to create customized messages to send along with their certificates.

Additional features include:

  • Gift card credit updates after each use
  • Translation readiness
  • Customizable gift card designs, including custom images
  • Gift card delivery scheduling
  • Multiple cart and checkout page gift card form display options
  • Product suggestions to end users from gift card purchasers

If you want something functional without all the extra features, there is a free basic version available. Alternatively, there are three premium license options to choose from, all of which include one year of support and updates.

3. Code Shop for WordPress

The Code Shop plugin.

Code Shop for WordPress is a powerful WordPress coupon plugin that enables you to sell coupons, vouchers, and licenses directly on your website. It links seamlessly with payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe, and inserts easily into any WordPress page using a shortcode. It even accepts bitcoins using Blockchain.info API.

As an easy way to monetize your current website, Code Shop for WordPress is an effective WordPress coupon code plugin that you can use for unlimited campaigns. It lets you deliver coupons, vouchers, or license codes via email and translates into many languages for reaching a global audience and generating more revenue.

Additional features include:

  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Acceptance of major credit and debit cards
  • Flexible price support for visitors to set their own prices
  • Option to distribute free coupons and vouchers
  • Email delivery of coupons to customers

If you want to try Code Shop before purchasing it, you can check out the Code Shop demo. The plugin license costs $21 and includes six months of support, with an extended 12 month support option available for an additional $6.

4. WooCommerce Volume Discount

The WooCommerce Volume Discount plugin.

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons is another WooCommerce extension for providing automatic discounts to site visitors based on the number of products in their carts. To aid in making sure your customers visually see the available savings, this plugin displays discounts directly on products on your checkout page.

You can set discounts and coupons to appear based on minimum or maximum purchase amounts. In addition, you can also apply coupons to specific categories of products to boost sales. All you have to do is insert a simple shortcode and watch your customized discounts appear.

Additional features include:

  • Create coupons and vouchers in WooCommerce
  • Choose exactly where to display voucher information
  • Render discounts automatically
  • Enable discounted bulk buying of products and services
  • Incorporate inline styles for quick customizations

To get a better feel for this coupon plugin, you can check out its demo site. If you’re ready to purchase, a premium license is available for $29. It includes six months of support, with a 12 month support option available for an additional $9.

5. Ninja Popups

The Ninja Popups plugin.

Ninja Popups is a unique plugin that lets you add vouchers to popups that it displays to your WordPress site visitors. You can create your popup using the drag-and-drop visual editor, and even take advantage of over 60 new themes for added inspiration and creativity. Moreover, there are eight opt-in panels to pick from and 74 animation effects.

This dynamic plugin is responsive, mobile-friendly, and can be translated using the WPML plugin. It even integrates with popular email service providers if you choose to capture contact information in exchange for discounts, and comes with advanced statistics regarding hits and conversions. 

Plus, you can integrate your favorite social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest – to encourage social activity.

Ninja Popups is not specifically designed as a WordPress coupon plugin. However, thanks to its versatility, it can be used for that purpose and so much more, making it well-worth its affordable premium price.

Additional features include:

To learn more about Ninja Popups, you can explore its demo website. A regular premium license costs $27 and includes six months of support. An extended premium license is also available for $155.

6. WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards

The WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards plugin.

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards is a complete solution for rewarding customers of your online store. Users receive points for store activities such as signups, referrals, product reviews, and more. Customers can then convert these into vouchers and use them to buy products from your store.

With this plugin, you can assign points to individual products as well as product categories in your WooCommerce store. You can also configure the settings to allow your users to share points with other customers as well as manually add or deduct points from customers’ accounts.

The main advantage of using this WooCommerce coupon plugin is that it makes it easy for you to acquire new customers and increase loyalty among existing ones. It can also help you boost your referral marketing and generate more product reviews for your store.

Additional features include:

  • Customers can purchase products using points and have the option to pay for the remaining amount if their points don’t cover the total.
  • You can manually set and manage the expiration date and period for points.
  • Users can convert their points into WooCommerce coupons and use them to buy products from you.
  • You can create different membership levels (Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.) and set points thresholds to attain each one.
  • Users can share their referral links via social media platforms.

Visit the live demo to learn more about this plugin. If you’re ready to commit, you have the option of choosing between three different pricing plans, starting at $55 for a single site.

7. Smart Coupon for WooCommerce

The Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin.

Smart Coupon for WooCommerce by WebToffee* is an extension that provides additional functionality to the default WooCommerce Coupon feature. You can use it to offer store credit, gift vouchers, and more.

One of the things we like best about this plugin is that you can use it to create multiple giveaway products with a single coupon. In practice, a customer would apply this coupon at checkout, then have the option of choosing from a handful of items you select to be redeemable by the deal.

Additional features include:

  • Coupon restrictions with various checkout options
  • Bulk coupon generation
  • Option to import coupons as a CSV file
  • Gift Coupons feature that lets customers email coupons to their friends and family
  • Ability to give users provision to purchase store credit, which they can use for themselves or gift to friends
  • Option to determine the combination of coupons that can be applied to a purchase

This premium plugin is available in three pricing tiers, starting at $69 for a single-site license. All plans include one year of ticketed support and updates, as well as a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

8. WP Coupons and Deals

The WP Coupons and Deals plugin.

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful WordPress coupon plugin to add vouchers and discounts to your website’s posts and pages, WP Coupons and Deals is worth checking out. Unlike some other WooCommerce coupon code plugins, this one is targeted specifically at affiliate marketers.

It’s designed to help with creating affiliate vouchers and promoting deals. WP Coupons and Deals also protects your sales by ensuring visitors click on your affiliate links.

WP Coupons and Deals’ features include:

  • Ability to hide coupons to protect sales
  • Bulk code importing
  • Seven coupon image templates
  • Printable image coupons
  • A click-to-copy feature
  • Responsive design
  • Expiration dates
  • Social share buttons

There is a plugin demo you can try out to learn more about its features, as well as a free version available for download from the WordPress Plugin Directory. However, if you want advanced features, we recommend opting for the premium version, which starts at $29.99 per year for a single license. This includes one year of support and updates.

9. Coupon Creator

The Coupon Creator plugin.

Coupon Creator is an easy-to-use WordPress coupon plugin that utilizes a custom post type with a few simple settings to configure. All you have to do is generate a shortcode, then place your coupon on any post or page you want.

With this plugin, coupons will display until their defined expiration dates, less you choose to let them remain available indefinitely. You can also create and display WooCommerce-specific coupons, take advantage of the quick and bulk expiration date functionality, and even set a coupon counter so a voucher can only be used a set number of times.

Additional features include:

  • ‘Reveal code’ feature
  • Customizations for unique coupon designs
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Column and row capability for multiple coupons
  • Print View for customers who wish to print coupons to use in person
  • Google Analytics integration

You can download the free Coupon Creator plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. If you want even more bells and whistles, you can purchase Coupon Creator Pro. This premium option offers three different licenses, starting at $34 per year.

10. Social Offers

The Social Offers plugin.

Social Offers is a WordPress coupon plugin that displays incentives such as PDFs, music, templates, vouchers, or files as rewards for specific social actions taken by your site visitors. This presents you with an opportunity to build your Facebook or Twitter audience while expanding your brand to new customer bases.

This plugin also supports additional premium apps, such as an email list builder for increasing subscribers or a Live Chat function that uses Slack to aid customers with questions and concerns. It even comes with a Conversion Popup account included.

Additional features include:

  • Recurring or one-time use offers
  • Custom targeting rules
  • Automatic popup feature with exit intent technology
  • Customizable background images and offer details
  • Custom logo and branding support
  • Integration with major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento
  • Support for all major email service providers

Social Offers is available to download for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory and includes a 14-day free trial. However, in order to use the full suite of features, you’ll need to sign up for a Social Intents account, with plans starting at $29 per month.

Tips for Offering Coupons on Your WordPress Site 🏷

Now that you have a solid foundation of WordPress coupon plugins you can take advantage of, let’s take a quick look at some ways you can help guarantee your discount methods will work with your customers:

  • Make products easy to find. There’s nothing worse than having an awesome coupon for a product that is impossible to track down. If you’re offering a deal on a specific item or service, guide visitors directly to it to boost the chances they will finalize their purchases.
  • Bring the coupon to your customers. Don’t make site visitors hunt around on your website. Place any sales, discounts, or coupons front and center to capture their interest immediately.
  • Keep it relevant. If possible, present coupons relevant to items your customers have already purchased or that are currently in their shopping carts.
  • Customize your coupons. The coupons you offer customers are an extension of your brand. Using strong copy can help shoppers feel like they are getting rare deals.
  • Don’t overdo it. Overloading your site with deals and vouchers can make them feel less exclusive. You might try varying the design and messaging to keep your coupons fresh.
  • Make a deal. Many customers are willing to offer something, such as their email address, in exchange for special discounts. Seize the opportunity to capture leads!

As you can see, offering your site visitors coupons is not as simple as having them enter discount codes and securing sales. As with all things business related, it takes a certain finesse and strategy to use them to acquire, engage, and retain customers.

Frequently Asked Questions 📝

If you have a WooCommerce store, you may already be familiar with the plugin’s built-in coupon feature. While this default option is helpful for creating standard coupons, it can be somewhat limiting.

Using a WordPress coupon code plugin provides more features and functionality than WooCommerce settings alone. You’ll have more flexibility in terms of how you’re able to use coupons to reduce shopping cart abandonment, such as implementing gift card options, creating coupons in bulk, incorporating discounts in popups, and more.

No matter what industry you’re in, offering discounts and deals is a smart business decision. Providing your customers with coupons can help incentivize them to make purchases that, ultimately, help grow your business and increase your revenue.

However, you don’t necessarily need to be the direct seller. For example, offering coupons and discounts is a popular tactic used by affiliate marketers to promote third-party services, brands, and products.

At the end of the day, people appreciate companies and websites that provide value. What’s more valuable than the opportunity to save money? Coupons can help you solidify a loyal customer base while also expanding your partnership opportunities and income streams.

Wrapping Up 🎀

If you’re looking for an exceptional way to engage potential customers on your WordPress site and encourage them to buy from your WooCommerce store, offering coupons is an effective avenue. However, it helps to use a plugin.

As we discussed in this post, there are plenty of free and premium WooCommerce coupon plugins you can use to simplify the process. The best option depends on which features you’re looking for. For example, WooCommerce Discount Rules is a powerful choice if you want to apply discounts automatically, whereas YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards is ideal for providing gift cards for customers to use on future purchases.

If you need help adding a WooCommerce coupon plugin to your WordPress site, we have you covered. At WP Buffs, our Care Plans and white-label solutions are designed to streamline your WordPress site maintenance and upkeep, so you can focus on driving traffic and increasing customer conversions. Check them out!

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