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  • 🖼️ Optimize Images
  • 🐛 Minify Javascript and CSS
  • 🛡️ Render-Blocking Resources
  • 🔥 Leverage Browser Caching
  • 🎛️ Enable Compression
  • 📉 Reduce Server Response Time
  • 🗑️Remove Query Strings
  • 📱Optimize Mobile Experience
  • 🤝 Combine Requests
  • 🛀 Lazy Loading Images
  • ➡️ Inline Critical CSS
  • 🌍 CDN Support

WP Rocket

✅ Minimal configuration, immediate results.
✅ With multisite compatibility.
✅ Very user-friendly.

WordPress care plans and packages

Buffs approved

💰$49/yr Free with WP Buffs subscription

WP Rocket  is our most trusted caching plugin for all WordPress sites! It’s recognized as the most powerful caching plugin by WordPress experts. From caching to DNS prefetching, it’s all here!

WP Smush Pro

✅ One click to optimize all images.
✅ Automatic compress your images on upload.
✅ Compress images outside the media library.

WordPress care plans and packages

Buffs approved

💰$49/mo Free with WP Buffs subscription

WP Smush is one of WPMUDEV’s Premium plugins! In a click of a button, it will compress all your images and serve the correct size of the image for the container! If you’re looking for an automated and worry-free way to compress your images, this is what you’ve been looking for!

Here's where one of our customers started. Ouch.

So we made some changes and got them back on track. Boom!

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Jefferson Fox
Jefferson FoxWP Buffs subscriber
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These people are awesome. Their instructions are clear and concise. I was struck by how much they truly care to get my problem fixed. It's refreshing to find a company that truly seems to have website speed figured out.
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Through hours of manual optimization and premiium plugins offered for free under our care plans, we achieve sites fast enough to have a significant positive impact on the websites we manage.


During onboarding, our team does a full audit of your website and hosting environment. This allows us to create and execute a unique plan for your website to significantly lower loading time.


We also keep your website fast on an ongoing basis. Getting your website to load quickly is one thing, but keeping it loading fast over the long-term is a real game-changer.


We also partner with premium plugins WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro to give you free access to both plugins under your care plan. This bring premium caching and image compression to your websites.

While our goal is always to achieve loading times of under 1 second, we never make any blanket promises when it comes to loading times of the websites we manage. Anybody who makes promises like this is simply trying to sell you on their services and get you to swipe your credit card sooner rather than later.


This being said, the majority of the websites we manage load in under 2 seconds, which is the recommended loading time to hit according to Google.


Every website is different, and depending on certain aspects of the website, it may be impossible to achieve loading time under 2 seconds! For example, if your website is on shared hosting (alongside 20,000 other websites) and has 20 Google Ads serving external content, chances are your website will be slow. 


But if you take our speed engineers' advice, ensure your website is on appropriate hosting and do a great job balancing marketing & growth needs with minimalist speed optimization techniques, achieving loading times under 2 seconds should be no problem.

We sure can! We partner with multiple hosting providers who we've worked with closely over the years.

We manage multiple websites with each of our preferred hosting providers so we can vouch for their hosting quality, customer support and focus on speed.

Most importantly, all our preferred hosts provide free migrations for signing up with them. 

Our team will be happy to recommend the hosting provider who we think will best fit your websites' specific needs (including wanting the site to load faster). Once you sign up with your new hosting provider, we'll work with them and you to oversee your migration. Their migration team will execute the migration but our team will ensure everything moves over smoothly with no downtime.

Once the migration is complete, we'll take over management of your hosting environment for optimization to make sure your website is maximizing it's new, fast server!

We only provide speed optimization services for people who want to make their website faster and keep it that way over the long-term.


One-time speed optimization may help your website load faster now, but as your site continues to change over the following weeks and months, the site will slow down again unless someone is continually optimizing the site for speed.


We partner with folks to manage their website speed not just for today and tomorrow, but for the forceable future. 


While we don't recommend purchasing one-time speed optimization, if you do decide to go with this option, we'd recommend downloading our speed optimization eBook and working with someone (maybe a freelancer) to do everything we do to speed up websites.


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What our customers are saying

Corrin Campbell
Corrin Campbell@CorrinCampbell
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I'm just here to say... @thewpbuffs save my blood pressure many, many points on a daily basis. The best website team @Indepreneur_io has had!
Joe Robison
Joe Robison@josephrobison
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Only 3 days in, but @thewpbuffs looks to be the go-to replacement after WP Curve was sold to sad GoDaddy
Spanish Playground
Spanish Playground@SpanishPlaygrd
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I recently started with @thewpbuffs for #WordPress support on Spanish Playground. No more errors, no more stress - what a relief! #bufftastic
Dr. Linda Online
Dr. Linda Online@drlindaobgyn
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#bufftastic @thewpbuffs does fantastic work. I am SO pleased. Their response time to my webite issues is exemplary. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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