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My 2017 annual review that every other WP business owner does too

Phew. What a freaking year. Last December, I couldn't have even come close to predicting that 2017 would go like this. And the past year has gone by so quickly; it really feels crazy that it's almost 2018.   Yet, here we are. There's just way too much that happened since January 1 to encompass […]

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How to celebrate the little wins

Most people in the WordPress space work pretty hard. Whether we're freelancing, working at an agency or running our own businesses, we're usually moving pretty quickly and getting things done. I can tell you from personal experience that this can get pretty hectic. On more than a number of occasions, I've looked up from my […]

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Successfully working remotely when your significant other doesn't

"Working remotely sounds amazing. You're so lucky you get to work from home every day!" That's the kind of feedback I get from most people when I talk to them about my job. Not to say that working from home doesn't have it's perks. It certainly does, and most days I'm ⏰ more productive, more […]

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