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How WP Buffs is handling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic



Joe here. I wanted to personally give you a quick update on the status of WP Buffs and our team during this global epidemic.

We realize this is a difficult time for many people around the world and downtime, errors and any other WordPress issues are the very last things you want to deal with right now.​

That’s why our team remains fully dedicated to continuing to provide ridiculously effective 24/7 support to our customers and white-label partners.

We’re actively taking the following precautions to make sure this remains the case.

  • ❎ We’ve cancelled our team trip to Portugal for WordCamp Europe.
  • 🧳 All the Buffs have been instructed to avoid travel and large gatherings unless absolutely necessary. This includes WordCamps, WordPress Meetups, etc.
  • 🏠 Furthermore, our entire team has been advised to work from home (and not public areas like co-working spaces, coffee shops, etc) so as to do their best to self-contain.
  • #️⃣ A internal #covid19 Slack channel has been created so our team of 20+ can share information and stay up-to-date on both global and local changes.
  • 🏝️ We have an unlimited vacation policy that allows full-time members of our team to take time off if they feel sick, whether they’ve tested positive for COVID-19 or just feel crummy. This has and will continue to ensure that our folks continue to do great work for customers and white-label partners in the long-term even if they have to take some time away from the computer over the next few months.

Our leadership team remains vigilant and are reviewing global updates daily to ensure our policies stay in-line with the best practices to keep our team and their families safe and healthy. ​We will continue to follow all of the directives and updates outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

I’m confident taking these steps will ensure our team will be able to continue to do what’s most important: serve our customers and white-label clients as best as humanly possible during this difficult time.

Thanks for your time. St​ay safe.

P.S. If you’re not yet a WP Buffs customer or white-label partner, feel free to book a quick call with us. Whether you’re thinking about investing in a care plan for your own website(s) or partnering with our team to offer 24/7 white-label support to your agency or freelance clients, we’re happy to chat anytime.

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