How to Prevent a DDoS Attack on Your WordPress Site (6 Key Tips)

DDoS attack WordPress.

Usually, an uptick in web traffic is a desirable outcome for your brand. However, you may not anticipate your site being suddenly flooded by thousands of simultaneous requests, causing it to crash. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens during a Distributed Denial of Service or ‘DDoS’ attack on a WordPress site. Fortunately, like most cybersecurity […]

The WordPress 5.0 Update Is Nearly Here: Are You Ready for It?

Typically, when a WordPress update makes its way through the pipeline, there isnโ€™t too much talk about in advance. Sure, patches for nasty bugs and vulnerabilities will get some buzz after the fact as will the occasional feature upgrade or theme release. But WordPress 5.0โ€ฆ This hotly anticipated update has had people talking for over […]

5 Minute Fix for the HTTP Error 500 in WordPress

Your WordPress website is probably a snap to run and manage most of the time. After all, a lot of work has gone into making sure you can carry out day-to-day administration without a hitch. However, at some point, you’ll likely experience an issue such as an HTTP Error 500. While your initial panic is […]