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Jan Koch, Owner of WP Mastery

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I see a ridiculous ROI from working with the WP Buffs white-label program. In fact, I'm able to cash in 4-figures each month in profit by teaming up with the Buffs.

I see a ridiculous ROI from working with the WP Buffs white-label program. In fact, I'm able to cash in 4-figures each month in profit by teaming up with the Buffs.

Resolution time

Yes, they really are. Most issues are solved within 24-48h, with response times of usually less than 4-6h. That's incredible.

Not only do they resolve my tickets fast, but they have fun doing it!


The websites work smoothly as I expect them to. The Buffs do a great job of making sites load quickly and without any downtime.

This is probably the thing clients ask me most often for. It's also one of the toughest things to deliver, especially over the long term! Now my clients' sites are always fast and seeing significant benefits as far as SEO and user experience are concerned.


Joe's clearly very passionate about WordPress. His podcast is one I listen to religiously.

Plus I've rarely heard a team talk give such positive vibes about where they work and their leadership. Loads of people hate their boss so it's refreshing to see quite the opposite at WP Buffs. Clearly a happy, family-oriented team leads to high effective work. That's why partnering with the Buffs was a no-brainer.

24/7 support

Having a reliable 24/7 support partner is invaluable if your own team cannot handle it.

The WP Buffs save me from working 12h shifts.

White-label onboarding

The WP Buffs and I worked on integrating their support system into the one I had set up for my customers. Their willingness to assist me and provide guidance into how the technical implementation works was incredible.

They always go above and beyond to provide any information I'm asking them for.


Besides regular measures like keeping sites updated, handling iThemes Security Pro and doing regular checks, the WP Buffs have been able to clear hacks that came from outdated plugins my clients had installed.

They removed the malware without issues and helped protect the affected sites.


Extraordinary. Whenever I shoot them an email, I get a response within just a few hours.

And human replies with helpful answers and actionable next steps are fantastic.


Joe bought coding courses like VS Code Pro by Ahmad Awais for his team. He constantly invests in learning and in my calls with Dean (customer success buff), I understood how capable and dedicated the WP Buffs are.

I knew Joe months before I started working with his team and I knew how passionate he was about serving his clients.

WordPress community

I even got to hang out with Joe and Dean at WordCamp Europe in Berlin! The fact that Joe came all the was from the US to meet white-label partners like me gives me a lot of confidence that the Buffs will do whatever it takes to help the agencies they work with do fantastic work and grow their businesses.

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White-label partner

Case study

“You guys keep in touch. I don’t ever feel like there is a time where I won’t get a response or you say, ‘I can’t do that.’ In the support arena of the business, WP Buffs is the bedrock we’re building our foundation on.


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They really tackle almost every WordPress issue my clients throw at them. They really take care of everything.

I have an entirely new job—you’ve changed my life. I used to be a slave to the computer all day trying to fix things or do things I really wasn’t meant to do.

Read about how we increased Rigorous Digital’s profit margin by 23% and helped remove all website issues for MEP Publishers and their 3 complex websites.


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