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Isaac Oakeson, Founder of Civil Engineering Academy

The #1 resource for passing the Civil Engineering exam. At Civil Engineering Academy they help aspiring Civil Engineers pass their exams and develop the skills to be successful in their careers and in life.

WP Buffs exceeds my expectations whenever they email me recommendations that can be made to my WordPress site. Whether that's to improve my image load times or recommended plugins to use, I'm constantly blown away by their service.

WP Buffs exceeds my expectations whenever they email me recommendations that can be made to my WordPress site. Whether that's to improve my image load times or recommended plugins to use, I'm constantly blown away by their service.

Resolution time

A speedy resolution is super important! You will get an immediate response from a Customer Success Buff that the team is working on the issue. When you send in a request via email and you'll typically have your issue solved within a few hours.

Some issues take a bit longer but for the most part, you'll have your issue resolved within a day.

Not only do they resolve my tickets fast, but they have fun doing it!


My sites have run sooo much better with WP Buffs. I've had some moments of downtime due to a WordPress update and the team has jumped right on things to help fix the issues.

I've been really impressed with their team to help keep my site running. They're very knowledgeable about the tools and systems online entrepreneurs use and can help you with any issue.

There hasn't been an issue I've sent them that they haven't been able to fix.


When I started with WP Buffs my security really stunk. I didn't have the proper plugins that would stop people from trying to hack into my site and really mess things up. The WP Buffs investigated plugins that would not give way to security threats and more.

I had one particular issue where my site was hacked in and a bunch of code was placed on my site.

The team was quickly able to remove the threat by restoring my site back to its original state before the issue!

24/7 support

I love this. If my site crashes for some weird update to WordPress I have the Buff team ready and waiting to help me out with my issues.

I love being able to send any issue I have to them to either get a fix done or get their feedback very quickly. It's important for me to keep my sites going because it's important to my students and customers.

Knowing I have 24/7 support is a lifesaver.

Educational focus

I personally like that WP Buffs comes from the heart of a teacher. The Buffs not only have a great sense of humor but they try hard to educate their audience on useful information about site security, speed, and more! Because of this, my trust was built.

Now that I've been a customer for awhile I know they have my back because not only do they tell me that but I know they can help pull me out of some sticky situations.


Communication is key and WP Buffs has great communications. They are fast and their humor while addressing the issue is a breath of fresh air. I think for me I've been able to get all of my issues all taken care of via email communication and that has always been fast and timely.

The Buff team is amazing and getting fast responses to you and I have not been disappointed.



I continue to trust the Buff team because I've built a history of using their help and really seeing results.

If my website is in need of a backup or to be restored or even a simple WordPress edit (that I pull my hair out trying to do) the WP Buffs have been there and did everything needed. It took it all off of my plate. And so, my trust continues to grow with the team.

I've also been extremely interested in the content they produce and love that they teach what they practice.

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Website owner

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“Their feedback and advice allow us to spend less time trying to troubleshoot things, and instead focus on the growth of our sites and our organizational goals. We’re able to make critical decisions and improvements much faster.


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I have an entirely new job—you’ve changed my life. I used to be a slave to the computer all day trying to fix things or do things I really wasn’t meant to do.

I see a ridiculous ROI from working with the WP Buffs white-label program. In fact, I’m able to cash in 4-figures each month in profit by teaming up with the Buffs.

We have had ZERO issues since working with WP Buffs and we feel our WooCommerce store at We Love Lenses is 100% safe and secure.

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