🌏 Building Multilingual sites for your clients?

The light-weight WPML Plugin is the perfect tool

Easy Installation & Setup

✔️ Choose your site’s languages

✔️ Decide how to format your site’s URL

✔️ Choose how to translate your site and who should translate it

Translation Management

✔️ Translate content yourself

✔️ Assign to translators that are users of your site

✔️ Connect with dozens of professional translation services

WooCommerce Multilingual

✔️Add multiple currencies to your site

✔️ Decide which currencies to display based on your customers’ locations

✔️ Set up automatic exchange rates

Currently installed on over 1 million active sites all over the world

Why use WPML?

✔️ Efficient, accurate, and hassle-free translation management for WordPress

✔️ A trusted market leader in WordPress site translations with over 15 years in the game

✔️ Dedicated support and compatibility teams that work around the clock to ensure customer and partner satisfaction.

Easy Automatic Translation

✔️ Integrates with Google Translate, Microsoft Azure, and DeepL to translate your content quickly and affordably

✔️ WPML’s new Translate Everything mode can even translate your entire site automatically

✔️ Enough automatic translation credits to translate most sites for no extra cost.