Welcome to WP Buffs. Virtual high five!

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An overview is detailed below for you.

1. What we need.

Website and Hosting Logins (Without this, we can’t manage your site.)

  • Your website address (www.yourwebsite.com)
  • Your WP dashboard username
  • Your WP dashboard password


  • A link to your hosting login
  • Your hosting provider username
  • Your hosting provider password


Please double check that they work before sending them over:

  1. Enter all your login credentials here: One-Time Self Destructing Links For Sharing Sensitive Information
  2. Click Generate Link to retrieve a short URL
  3. Email your short URL to us at buffs@wpbuffs.com
  4. When our team visits this link, we’ll be able to access your login credentials.

2. What comes next?

Once we have your logins, we’ll begin connecting your website to our systems and getting your first back-up running within 24 – 48 hours. 

  • Software Update: Reviewing, testing and applying updates to all of your website software.
  • Security Optimization: (Protect Plan and higher) Analyzing and optimizing your website security using the best WordPress security software at no cost to you.
  • Speed Enhancements: (Perform Plan and higher) Testing and optimizing your website’s speed using best practices and state-of-the-art WordPress performance tools.


The speed enhancements take about a week since we optimize everything for your unique site setup. The team will email you a separate speed report once the process is complete.

3. New plugins.

Here are a few plugins we’ll be adding to your website as part of your new plan. 

If you think any of these plugins might conflict with your current WordPress site or you’ve implemented any custom code at all, email us at buffs@wpbuffs.com and let us know ASAP!

Maintain Plan

Protect Plan – All of the above, plus:

Perform Plan – All of the above, plus:

One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that we don’t simply set and forget these plugins, we optimize all the settings for maximum performance for your unique website. 

4. Access your support team.

All support is done through email at WP Buffs. Contact us anytime from now.

Here’s how website edits work (Protect, Perform and Custom Plans only):

  • Email (buffs@wpbuffs.com): You can email us directly, day or night, 24/7.
  • Your Support Dashboard:
    • You can view all of your tickets by clicking here.
    • Then click “Login” in the top-right corner.

If you don’t know your password: The first time you go to log in there, you can click on “Lost Password” on the login popup and that will let you set your password.