Lilia F.

Lilia F. is a Guest Contributor for the WP Buffs WordPress blog and the owner of MPP Freelance, a writing and web design firm in Houston, TX. She works building websites, writing content, creating graphic designs, and helping authors self-publish.

Posts by Lilia F.:

9 Reasons Your WordPress Site Has Slow Response Time

How fast your website loads can have a direct effect on whether you turn visitors into new customers and fans. When your site is delivered to visitors fast, you'll give everybody the chance to engage with your content. Plus, page loading speed and server response time are significant factors in how Google ranks your website. […]

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The 10 Best Mobile WordPress Plugins For a 100% Responsive Theme

According to SimilarWeb’s State of Mobile Web US 2017 report, approximately 61% of consumer traffic to US websites came from mobile devices. This is up many times from the 0.7% it was in 2009. Mobile web traffic has grown an average of approximately 10% per year and is expected to continue. So if you are […]

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